Top nine scorers to help out tsunami victims

Japanese Learning Institute : The top nine scorers from the Japanese learning institute in Thimphu are going to Japan on January 20 to volunteer in helping victims, who were affected by the great east Japan earthquake, which hit on March 11, 2011. Of the nine selected, five are male and four are female, who scored the highest marks in the Japanese language examination conducted by the Japanese learning institute. The director of the institute, Jurmey Tshewang, said the project would give Bhutan a chance to contribute something, even if it was just to talk and try to understand the victims of the great earthquake. For the first two weeks after arriving in Japan, the volunteers will learn about the aftermath caused by the great Japan earthquake, and see the progress of how it has been recovering since the disaster. The project is financed by the foreign affairs of Japan, and organised by Kizuna (bond) project, JICE (Japan international corporation centre) and the Japan foundation. This project is organised to study and share the current situation of the affected areas, how they are progressing and recovering and a chance for volunteers from major parts of the world to help the victims and the affected area in their own way. These selected volunteers will be joining 3,000 other participants from all over the world, such as the USA, India, Pakistan and Australia. Ugyen Choeda, the co coordinator for the selected Bhutanese volunteers, said, “I’m very humbled and honoured to attend such kind of selfless project, where I can actually get to help the victims in the best possible way that I can.”

Courtesy: Kuensel