Flights by next year a possibility: PM

Yonphula-Guwahati Sector : If possible, air services from Yonphula, Trashigang, to Guwahati in Assam, India will be opened by next year, Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley said at a meeting with civil servants, corporate employees and business community of Trashigang dzongkhag. “It’s not up to the government to decide on opening of air services, because it should be viable for airline companies,” he said, during the meeting on January 19. “Opening air service from Yonphula to outside the country has been on government’s mind for many years, but I can’t say the service would be opened right away though.”

“But going by the increasing number of tourist arrivals in the country, I don’t doubt that an air service in Yonphula could be opened by next year,” the Prime Minister said. Hoteliers in Trashigang raised the issue during the meeting with the prime minister. “If an air service is opened from Yonphula, the inflow of tourist would increase by manifolds,” owner of Druk Doethjung hotel, Kinga, said.

He said the service would ease travel for many tourists wishing to enter the country through Guwahati.  Lingkhar resort owner, Deki Peldon, said such a service would tremendously boost tourism in the east, and give tourists more time to visit the other eastern districts. As of now, tourists flying into the country have to enter via Paro, because it is the only link to air services from outside the country.

Courtesy: Kuensel