Best time to visit Bhutan

Best time to visit Bhutan is to season, festival, flower season and climatic conditions of Bhutan. Bhutan opened the door to tourist in year 1969 and the amount of tourist arrival has been increasing year after years. But if you want to get your full holiday or vacation trip to Bhutan and have a memorable stay in the Kingdom of Bhutan. Bhutan Himalayan Holidays would like to suggest every guest to make your Bhutan trip during spring season and autumn as this provide you an opportunity have to see the best festivals of Bhutan. The weather suits you the best with not much cold or hot as Bhutan being located in the Himalayan region sandwiched between India in the south and China in the north. Guest should not worry about the weather unless you are on high and strenuous trek. You may see few droplets of rains but you can still avoid the monsoon season (during June and August).

One might want to know again which month is most ideal trip or travel to Bhutan. Bhutan Himalayan Holidays would like to suggest to our valued guest to arrange your trip to Bhutan during February, March, April, May, September, October and November the best months. During early March to May will be best time to make trip to Bhutan. At this time the wild flower and flora blossom which gives nature a wonderful place to explore, birding watching would be best as the wild bird life get into numbers.

Winter is a good time for touring in western Bhutan, bird watching in the subtropical jungles in the south, and white water rafting in the Punachangchu and Wangdue regions where the weather is warm. The days are sunny and warm during day time and a bit of coldness during evening and morning. The winter season in Bhutan hits during the months of December to February the road condition from Thimphu to Bumthang and the east may be closed because of snow fall in Dochula pass & Phelela pass which is in the central Bhutan, the snowfall last for couple of days. I would suggest everyone not to make or plan trip to visit these regions as you might be stuck in the middle of a road and it will be problem to you and to us. During this time you can make short trip (7-8 days maximum).

Nevertheless the arrival of tourist in Bhutan in all months has increased compared to 4-5 years before. We recommend our valued guest to provide correct information (contact us form) and we provide right information.