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Your journey to Bhutan begins with a welcome by the beautiful golden valley of Paro. As you descend down, you get the spectacular view of Paro valley in glorious hues of autumn colours. This is the perfect time to visit Bhutan before cold winter sets in. Readmore


The journey from the Golden valley of red rice in Paro to the beautiful hues of rose-pink buckwheat in Bumthang takes you through different flora fauna and changing landscapes of Bhutan. The true experience of Bhutanese life, the unique culture and history can be accumulated within this short period of journey. This is a beautiful journey that will take up a special place in your heart because we are here to make it a spectacular once in a lifetime experience. Readmore


As winter kisses the land, Bhutan gets painted with the snow-capped mountains, welcomes Black-necked Crane to its winter land, yet another spectacular view.The chilly fresh air will brush your face as you first put your step in Bhutan.Breath in as you walk to some of the most scenic valleys, hikes through the woods to historic monasteries and unveil the stories to its unique architectures.  Readmore