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Responsible Travel to Bhutan

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 Yak Adventure Travel believes in Responsible Tourism…..

We believe Responsible Tourism. Responsible Tourism is a better way to see different places of the world you leave in.  It is not only you get a more new experience or memories of that particular place but also make your trip or oliday more benefiting to the local people and the environment. Responsible Tourism of any individual travelling to any travel destination is a new style of travelling for those who have already mass tourism. Responsible Tourism is all about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment of the place. Responsible Tourism is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism. It’s about doing this in a fair way that helps ensure that they will give you an even warmer welcome. For example, a local guide from the destination will open your eyes to their cultures and ways of life far better than an expat guide could ever do – they will also earn a much needed income from you.

Responsible Tourism prefers smaller groups, and to meet some local people (as well as fellow travelers) rather than be surrounded by 1000’s of people from back home. They don’t like being herded about in a large crowd like nameless faces and understand that travelling in smaller groups makes local people and cultures more accessible.

Responsible Tourism wants to get a little bit more out of their travels, and to give a little bit back to the special places and people that they encounter. They want deeper and more real travel experiences. Responsible Tourism values authenticity – experiences integral to local people’s traditions, cultures and rituals – rather than those created for tourism, or those whose existing meanings and uses have become lost as they have been packaged up for tourism. No more ‘Greek nights’ in resorts with the only Greek people there to serve food please! So we request every traveler travelling to Bhutan to become Responsible travel partner.